The Packaging Valley

One of the most important goals of Packaging Valley Germany is to draw attention to the globally unique concentration of companies relating to the packaging industry.  Manufacturers of packaging machines, component manufacturers, software and automation providers, as well as complementary service providers and public institutions all be found here. One of the most important goals of Packaging Valley Germany is to draw attention to the globally unique concentration of companies relating to the packaging industry. Manufacturers of packaging machines, innovative components and suppliers of complementary services can all be found here.

Established in

A network of more than 80 companies

Close to 20,000

Export share of
over 80 per cent


Packaging Valley Germany e. V.

Its headquarters are in Waiblingen, with a further office in Schwäbisch Hall. Our members are located mainly in the area between Frankfurt, Nuremberg and the Stuttgart metropolitan region, with a special focus on Hohenlohe and the surroundings of Waiblingen.

Objectives at a glance:

Awareness – with a united appearance towards the outside world

With the Packaging Valley Germany trademark, it is our goal to communicate packaging expertise and to draw attention to the south of Germany – to Packaging Valley. We achieve this through joint projects, events, industry meetings and trade fair presentations, public relations work for the region, as well as for and with our member companies.

Innovation leadership – Packaging Valley as a platform for companies

With an established network of companies relating to the packaging industry, it is our goal to promote communication and exchange between companies. In Packaging Valley, continuously growing innovative strength through collaboration and healthy competition is both a mission and standard practice.

Technology leadership and an information platform – regionally and worldwide

As an association, we pursue the development of regional collaboration and complementary networks in the packaging machinery sector. We therefore represent a broad spectrum of packaging solutions and pool information relating to the industry and beyond.

Promotion of the next generation – promising young people and talent

For sustainable innovative strength, the promotion of new talent is a core mandate of Packaging Valley. Together with our members, we offer a variety of entry and training opportunities. We pursue these goals together with our member companies. Work groups promote collaboration and encourage new approaches. Find out more about the work groups and the various areas they are responsible for. To the work groups

Packaging Valley

Even before it was officially founded, Packaging Valley was referred to as an important location for packaging machine manufacturers by Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon in his book ‘Hidden Champions of the 21st Century’. He highlighted the rapid development of family businesses, which, like other hidden champions, are considered exemplary for successful business management. As author and head of the international consulting firm Simon, Kucher & Partners, Simon is considered one of the most influential figures in German business. Good to know: “Packaging Valley Germany” is registered and protected as a collective trademark. Packaging Valley Germany stands for bundled packaging expertise in the region and is communicated worldwide.

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