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The city of Waiblingen and the city of Schwäbisch Hall are members of Packaging Valley as municipalities since their offices are located there.

Stadt Waiblingen

Waiblingen is a strong business location,  home to companies that operate successfully on the world markets. The city has everything that releases energy in people. Energy to work, to live and to exchange with each other. It is not without reason that quality of life and satisfaction have a real meaning here. Companies and tradespeople have valued Waiblingen as a location for more than 750 years, because this is where they find raw materials that are most valuable: Ideas and talent. The Staufer city, with its 57,000 inhabitants in the core city and the five villages, offers an ideal economic environment in the middle of one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe.

Waiblingen is also a great place to live. The town center is one of the most beautiful half-timbered towns in southern Germany. The cultural offerings are characterized by inter/national exhibitions and concerts. The Stihl Waiblingen Gallery, which specializes in the presentation of works on and made of paper, as well as the Unteres Remstal Art School, the House of City History and the Beinstein Gate Tower all contribute to this cultural center. There is also a lot to be offered off the beaten track: From music and theater, literature and dance, conferences and seminars, to fairs and markets to festivals and celebrations, there is really nothing that is not offered in Waiblingen.

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Stadt Schwäbisch Hall

The large district town of Schwäbisch Hall is located in the northeast of Baden-Württemberg in the Heilbronn-Franken region. Almost 41,000 people from more than 120 nations live in the city on the Kocher River.

Schwäbisch Hall offers a rich cultural and leisure program, for example with the Kunsthalle Würth or the summer open-air plays on the steps in front of St. Michael's Church. Salt played an important role in the city's history, making Schwäbisch Hall an important city in the Middle Ages and early modern times. In the city's diverse educational institutions, everyone can find access to education, regardless of age, station in life or talent.

Today, Schwäbisch Hall is also characterized by a strong economy: It is home to - often family-run - companies that are among the world market leaders in their sector, including in the packaging industry segment. A total of around 26,000 employees  work in Schwäbisch Hall and contribute to social insurance (as of 2019).

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