Focus Groups of Packaging Valley

Focus Group for

The members of the Sustainability Focus Group face the challenges of creating holistic CO2-neutral and sustainable solutions and efficiently closing product and material cycles.

Sustainable solutions are in demand, but will only be able to establish themselves worldwide if they also do justice to the economic aspects and contribute to a higher quality of life through their applications. New standards are set by high energy and material efficiency in all areas of a machine. Since the majority of packaging machines "Made in Packaging Valley" are sold worldwide, a far-reaching positive influence can thus be made.

However, many interrelationships must be taken into account for a holistic view. At its core, packaging machinery manufacturing is focused on resource efficiency and high product protection. The working group also addresses the question of what the life cycle of machines and systems can look like and how their cycles can be closed in the long term. However, not only the machines and plants themselves, but also the processing of sustainable materials and CO2 neutrality in the committed companies represent central aspects.

Essential is the illumination of development potentials through expert presentations and outlooks into future-oriented technologies. In the exchange of the working group, solutions are discussed, new ideas are created and joint development projects and analyses are initiated. The companies involved benefit from these investigations, can define best practices and, in addition, actively shape our future through the progress made.

Speaker: Haiko Krais, Harro Höfliger
Sponsors: Markus Höfliger, Harro Höfliger and Dr. Johannes Rauschnabel, Syntegon
Organization: Etienne Graf, Packaging Valley

More sustainability in the packaging industry - what can machines and systems do to achieve this?



Focus Group for Technology

The packaging machinery industry has always been strongly driven by technology. The products and services of Packaging Valley members are characterized by innovation and quality. Many of these companies are world market leaders and so-called hidden champions. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, it is necessary that the companies continue to be among the technological world leaders in packaging machinery manufacturing.

The Technology Trends Focus Group takes up technological trend topics in order to support Packaging Valley member companies in implementing them in the form of feasible solutions in machines and systems. Together, focal points are defined, topics are worked on, impulses are set and projects are realized. The following topics are on the agenda:

  • Automation technology
  • VR/AR/Mixed Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Industry 4.0 / IoT
  • Digital Services
  • Digital Engineering / Digital Twin
  • Sustainable plant design
  • Smart service, predictive maintenance
  • 5G networks, 5G usage

Sponsors: Dr. Johannes Rauschnabel, Syntegon und Christian Benz, Jetter
Organization: Martin Buchwitz, Packaging Valley

Focus Group for Personnel and Ongoing Development

Highlighting career opportunities in member companies, arousing the interest of specialists in packaging technology and positioning Packaging Valley as a valley of career opportunities are the goals and tasks of the Human Resources focus group. We want to highlight the attractiveness of member companies as employers and raise awareness of Packaging Valley. The packaging industry offers enormous potential and long-term development opportunities for skilled workers and young talent. Our marketing of young talent at universities and cooperation with schools is a central core of Packaging Valley. In addition to various workshops, keynote speeches and joint appearances at recruitment fairs, we organize the Packaging Valley Career Walk as part of trade fair appearances, which enables young professionals to get to know member companies from Packaging Valley and network with them. The aim is to create space for initial contacts between Packaging Valley members and interested students. In line with the motto "Achieving more together", we organize cross-company training and further education for our members, which would otherwise be financially unattractive for individual companies. These include seminars for travel fitters, for managers or trade fair and presentation training.

Sponsor: Dr. Marc Funk, GF Packaging Valley
Organization: Claudia Schäfer, Packaging Valley


Focus Group for

The marketing focus group is made up of a group of experienced industry experts from the member companies. Our work is based on the vision statement: As a regional mouthpiece from (in) southern Germany, we are THE platform for intelligent and sustainable packaging solutions of tomorrow.

What is prioritized in the marketing focus group?

  1. Positioning Packaging Valley even more strongly in the member companies and making it known as the voice of the packaging industry in southern Germany
  2. Positioning Packaging Valley as a beacon for the region, in the sense of an "employer brand"
  3. Publicize Packaging Valley worldwide as an excellence center for "southern German" packaging machinery manufacturing and make packaging expertise heard globally

Cooperation events, network meetings and joint trade fair appearances serve as a platform and for knowledge transfer among international participants. Packaging Valley presents itself at trade fairs with attractive joint stands and offers its members a high level of presence and attention. The marketing meetings focus on topics such as digitalization/automation in marketing, market observation/market research, data protection and SEO with AI.

Speaker: Andreas Häußner, Rommelag
Sponsor: Sabine Gauger, Optima und Ralf Bouffleur, Rommelag
Organization: Christine Fischer, Packaging Valley

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