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Packaging Valley

One of the most important goals of Packaging Valley Germany is to draw worldwide attention to the unique concentration of companies in the packaging industry in the Hohenlohe region. Manufacturers of packaging machines, innovative components and supplementary service providers are here to help you.

Goals at a glance:

+ PUBLICITY – Concerted public appearance

Using the brand name Packaging Valley Germany, it is our goal to communicate the packaging competency and direct attention to southern Germany – to Packaging Valley. Collective projects, events, industry meetings and trade fairs are as much a part of this as publicity for and with our member companies.

+ LEADING INNOVATION – Packaging Valley as a platform for companies

With a growing network of companies in and around the packaging industry, it is our goal to further the communication and exchange between companies. A steadily growing power of innovation through cooperation and healthy competition in Packaging Valley simultaneously combines theory and reality.


As an association, we promote the creation of regional cooperation and structural networks in the packaging machine industry. In this way we represent a broad spectrum of packaging solutions and bundle relevant information beyond the industry.

+ PROMOTING GROWTH – Offshoots and talents

To achieve a healthy power of innovation it is essential to promote new talents, one of the core tasks of Packaging Valley. Together with our member companies, we offer a wide selection of entry positions and training positions. These are the goals we, together with our member companies, promote. Workgroups foster cooperation and drive new ideas. Learn more about existing workgroups and for which areas these are responsible. To the working groups >

Workgroups in Packaging Valley

Marketing Workgroup

The Marketing Workgroup comprises of a group of experienced industry experts. The common goal: promote Packaging Valley Germany e.V. worldwide and present the packaging competencies in the region. Events such as Packaging Valley Days serve as a platform for transfer of knowledge to international attendees. At industry trade fairs, Packaging Valley participates with attractive collective booths, thereby offering members high visibility and presence. Many additional activities are also fostered by the Marketing Workgroup. Contact and press speaker of the workgroup: Sabine Gauger, OPTIMA

Personnel and Continuing Education Workgroup

Career opportunities. „Strengthen the region“ is the goal of the Personnel and Continuing Education Workgroup. We seek to show and promote the attractiveness of the region and the member companies. Tradespeople and young talents will find enormous potential and long-term development opportunities in Packaging Valley. Our young talents. Marketing at institutions of secondary learning and cooperation with schools is a central core of Packaging Valley. This also includes range of workshops, the yearly event “Students Meet Entrepreneurs” and cooperative participation at recruiting fairs. For our Members. True to the motto „Together we are stronger“ we carry out inter-company training and continuing education which might otherwise be financially prohibitive for a single company. Such training includes seminars for travelling technicians, management, trade fairs and presentation skills. Contact and press speaker of the workgroup: Janina Stapf, STAKO

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