Facts and things worth knowing

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At Packaging Valley, we are committed to being one step ahead of the rest to present you with advanced technologies for your packaging needs.

Facts and things worth knowing

+ Who is Packaging Valley?

The association Packaging Valley Germany e.V. networks over 40 companies in the packaging industry. Included are packaging machine manufacturers, manufacturers of component and bespoke machines, as well as service providers for the packaging industry and machine manufacturing.

 + Where is Packaging Valley?

The headquarters of Packaging Valley Germany e.V. is in Schwäbisch Hall, which is a good springboard to explore the whole of Packaging Valley spanning the area between Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Nuremberg. The majority of our members are centred around the cities Schwäbisch Hall and Crailsheim. Click on the map and find out where our members are.

What can Packaging Valley do for me?

+ The right supplier for your packaging solutions

Packaging Valley bundles the unique competencies of the packaging industry in the region to help you find the best possible supplier for your packaging solutions. Leading specialist companies and inventers of widespread packaging technologies guarantee you solutions beyond the standard and supply the highest quality for your applications. Find your packaging solution supplier >

The short distances in the Packaging Valley make it possible to personally get to know your selected suppliers in the shortest possible time. We would be happy to assist in planning a route for you. Contact us >


+ Activities in Packaging Valley

Meet Packaging Valley and its members at trade fairs and industry events. Packaging Valley provides a listing of important trade fairs in Germany and internationally. To the event calendar >

Furthermore, Packaging Valley hosts industry events, like the Packaging Valley Days. Expert lectures on current topics and information within the packaging industry and participants gain insights into the companies. More on Packaging Valley Days >

Students benefit from Packaging Valley every year, with a two day event Students meet Entrepreneurs in which companies are visited and contacts to their Human Resources are made possible. More about Students meet Entrepreneurs >


+ Apprenticeships and Careers in Packaging Valley

Workshops, trial work days, apprenticeship opportunities or internships are offered by many companies. Our member companies are well-known worldwide and respected for their excellent learning atmosphere for growing new talent. Cooperation with schools and colleges underscores the particular value placed on advancing new employees. You will find current job offers on the websites of our members.


Put to the point:

Packaging Valley Germany e.V

Year of inauguration:



Schwäbisch Hall


Over 40 members from the packaging industry

You find them:

Between Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Nuremberg

A workforce of approximately 7,000 is employed in the packaging machine engineering industry in the Packaging Valley region. With an export share of more than 80%, you are sure to encounter Packaging Valley technology anywhere you go in the world.


Are you interested in the history and development of the packaging industry?

We can recommend „Inventors. Doers. World Market Leaders.“ 150 Years of Packaging Machinery in Southwest Germany, a book about the history of the packaging industry in southern Germany worth reading. Interesting contents, guest articles, chronicles and pictures tell the story in an entertaining way, from the beginnings to the current day developments. Preview or order right away: www.packaging-cluster.com.

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