International “Packaging Valley Days” – Practice-oriented symposium

Customized company tours, presentations on new technologies, and practice-relevant panel discussions: With a program adaptable to individual needs and interests, the Packaging Valley Days 2010 will be an exciting information platform for the latest developments and trends of packaging technology. The international symposium will take place in Schwaebisch Hall on June 9th and 10th, 2010.

There is hardly any packaging technology or related service that is not represented by the Packaging Valley. Participants of the Packaging Valley Days will be introduced to current leading packaging technologies. The hosts have placed the focus on practice-relevant contents of the event – and a personal atmosphere to make room for face-to-face discussions of our guests’ specific requirements.

The symposium’s program will begin with a presentation on one of the most exciting topics of the packaging industry – “Organic and Printed Electronics”. Printed electronics enhance innovative and intelligent packages with multiple additional functions such as flexible displays, sensors, and data memories. Batteries, solar cells, or speakers are just a few examples for package-integrable options. This opens an entirely new field of opportunities for brand or copyright protection, logistics, advertisement, and quality control.

The future of this revolutionary technology has now come within applicable reach, and the first products have already been successfully tested.

Dr. Klaus Hecker, managing director of OE-A (Organic Electronic Association) is an expert on the subject. His presentation will grant insight into these impressive technologies and outline future application options and trends.

Almost any modern packaging system is a mechatronic system. But in practice, the integration of the three disciplines: mechanics, electronics, and software, confronts machinery building with challenges that are not merely technological, but also hold an organizational aspect. In his presentation, Dr. Rainer Stetter will highlight the watermarks of the professional implementation of these technologies, and explain how to install good evaluation competencies of suppliers from a customer viewpoint. As the head of ITQ GmbH and Software Factory GmbH, Dr. Stetter is an expert on the topic, and also an initiator of a number of cross-sector mechatronic workshops and teams.

Participants of the symposium will have the opportunity to interactively analyze the characteristics of a mechatronic organization. In a subsequent Q & A session, users, manufacturers, and experts on such systems will be available for all related questions.

The international symposium will be accompanied by simultaneous interpretation. Visits and tours of the individual companies are planned for the afternoon. Networking will be enhanced not only by opportunities for discussions, but also by a casual evening event in a historical setting with a sensational view and more highlights.

We reserved the second day for additional company visits according to our attendants’ desires. During these tours, member companies will offer supplementary information on the multiple fields of packaging technology. Our guests will be able to freely select the companies they want to visit according to their specific interests.

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