New acquisition: Even more power for a strong packaging cluster


Packaging Valley is getting reinforcements: Twelve new members and cooperation partners are joining the network and expanding the portfolio. There are individual packaging solutions for point of sale, components that know the best about the condition of the plant, services around safety technology or turnkey plants for the most diverse requirements.

Since the merger of the two clusters Packaging Valley e.V. and Packaging Excellence Center in May 2020, additional members have joined. Among them are companies from the packaging industry and providers of new solutions as well as cooperation partners and supporting members. New members are: A+V, Gerich, Packservice, PackPart, pbs, RIANTA, Schreyer, Sensitec, Zebra, the city of Schwäbisch Hall, IHK-Zentrum für Weiterbildung and - Lebensmitteletzwerk Rhein-Neckar e.V.

With the newly acquired companies and partners, the network grows to 86 members. Co-operations, joint projects and exchanges with a wide range of specialists and other networks make Packaging Valley what it is today: a strong and globally renowned cluster with concentrated expertise in packaging machinery manufacturing. An enormous density of packaging specialists gathers under the umbrella of Packaging Valley. They are the heart of the association. You won't find anything comparable in all of Germany.

Networking and efficient use of time

Right in May, a first exchange took place with the new member and food network from Heidelberg "With such events and regulars' tables, even if they are just virtual, we want to promote the idea of networking between our members. In this way, the goals of our food specialists can be quickly brought to a common denominator with those of the new cooperation member - and, above all, advanced," says Martin Buchwitz, Managing Director of Packaging Valley in this regard. Among the topics discussed were sustainable food packaging, shelf life and minimizing food waste. He adds, "There is no time to lose on these points. The fastest way to come up with new ideas and solutions is through joint exchange. Different perspectives often enlarge one's own window in the process."

At, one can find a large selection of suppliers who offer and develop solutions for a wide variety of packaging tasks. Here, companies can be filtered according to tasks and requirements and the right partner company can be found quickly.


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