New Internet presence for a new Packaging Valley

The new Packaging Valley puts its members in the spotlight. The partner for packaging tasks is chosen from over 80 members instead of 40. This is the result of the merger of the two packaging clusters in southern Germany: Packaging Valley Germany and Packaging Excellence Region Stuttgart. Another result that is impressive and promises many benefits is the new homepage. It can still be found at

It went online this week. The new website of the recently merged packaging clusters. The merger has created a unique network of packaging specialists overnight. Even before that, people were already talking about two large conurbations in the south of Germany, which enjoyed worldwide renown for their technological and innovative strength. Now the strengths will be combined and further synergy effects will be achieved. One thing is also clear: a new Internet platform must be created that meets the future plans of the new Packaging Valley.


The new website - this is what it looks like and this is what it promises

Technology topics and future trends are coming to the fore. Visitors will be kept up to date on machines, processes and digitalisation in packaging machine construction. This is also done by the new Packaging Valley Podcast, which can be listened to on the new homepage or subscribed to from there. A regular visit is therefore worthwhile. The fact that the previous Packaging Valley homepage already allowed you to filter specifically for the right partner for your packaging task has proven its worth. Now the visitor can choose from 80 members when searching for the right solution provider. The promise "We guarantee you an optimal solution" is by no means an empty one. The filter option brings the visitor quickly to his destination.

"In the coming weeks, the career portal will be further expanded in addition to the trade fair calendar," says Regine Rüeck (project management). The portal is aimed at students, trainees and experienced professionals. Appropriate events and workshops are to be offered. The opportunities for this are also growing due to the increasing number of cooperations. A comprehensive job portal, which provides vacancies for 80 packaging specialists, makes the website a new job search engine. With this, Packaging Valley wants to draw attention to the great variety of career opportunities in the packaging industry. New vacancies are advertised regularly. This shows how crisis-proof the industry is. Only recently, during the pandemic, packaging machine builders and manufacturers were classified as system relevant.

With the new website, Packaging Valley is also visually focusing more strongly on the subject of packaging again. The key visual is a packaging box in the picture, based on the logo. It will be used in all future communication activities of the cluster.

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