In the current situation, in which the aim is to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus and the associated uncertainty, concrete action is needed to solve the associated problems. For this reason, the Packaging Valley is working with the Packaging Excellence Center (PEC) to coordinate how companies in the packaging machinery industry can work together to provide support and solutions in the current situation. For example, for the medical sector, the provision important protective equipment and disinfectants are required. A task force of the two clusters meets regularly for a video conference to initiate concrete measures. Member companies from the two clusters have already taken steps to provide assistance: support in the production of face masks and face shields, the provision of 3D printers or even help in the event of supply bottlenecks for certain products.

The member companies of Packaging Valley and Packaging Excellence Center also face many management challenges in this situation. For this reason, the clusters provide continuously updated information for members on how companies can deal with the corona situation. This includes information on government benefits such as short-time work, tax deferrals and access to credit.

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