‘Packaging Valley’ award winner in Cluster Contest

The award confirms the region’s importance as a cluster of packaging machinery builders

36 regional Cluster Initiatives competed for the Cluster Contest Awards of the Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The district’s Business Development Corporation (Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft) represented our region as a packaging machinery cluster. Initiator of the application was the Packaging Valley Germany e.V., an association established by regional packaging machinery manufacturers one year ago. A neutral jury granted the awards to this initiative for promoting the Packaging Cluster, and also to 12 other competitors from a wide range of industries. The prize comes with a funding potential of up the 300 000 € under EU subsidies, which will be available for projects of use to the Cluster.
The awards ceremony was held in the House of the Economy. The prize was handed over by the minister of economic affairs, Mr. Ernst Pfister, to the President of the Executive Committee of the Packaging Valley, Mr. Hans Bühler and the business manager of WFG, Mr. Helmut Wahl.


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