Packaging Valley flying its flag in Düsseldorf

Joint stand at Interpack (May 12 -18, 2011)

Schwaebisch Hall/Dusseldorf: The most important global trade show for packaging machinery is held in Dusseldorf every three years. Future orientation and customer acquisition are particularly important in times of good demand. The companies from the region of Baden-Wuerttemberg, all of them players on the frontlines of global markets, consider the Interpack as a significant platform to present their outstanding quality and innovative technologies to an international audience.

For the first time, Packaging Valley Germany will fly its flag in Dusseldorf at a shared stand. Eight member companies will present their exhibits under the joint roof of Packaging Valley. As at previous trade shows, a central Packaging Valley Lounge will offer ample opportunity to meet customers, visitors and exhibitors. The “Packaging Valley – Route” guides the way from the joint stand to those of the other 20 member companies participating with own stands.

The first packaging machine was built in Southern Germany 150 years ago. And thus, the expert audience awaits the launch of the book on 150 years of packaging machinery building in Southern Germany with suspense. Packaging Valley Germany (Schwaebisch Hall) and Packaging Excellence Center (Waiblingen) will introduce the book in a press conference at the trade show in Dusseldorf.

With the support of the Dusseldorf Fair Management, the association succeeded in reserving approx 550 m2 in the centrally located hall No. 16. Around the Packaging Valley Lounge, eight member companies will benefit from the joint appearance to present highly comprehensive offers within a very small space. The real dimensions of the Packaging Valley, however, become more obvious when considering that another 20 member companies will take part in the trade show. A large portion of the companies will set up their stands within sight of the joint area, and Optima Packaging Group, with its stand located directly in front, will also be optically linked to the joint appearance.

Many of the companies of Packaging Valley belong to the global elite of machinery building, each in its particular domain. Strongest fields are the pharmaceutical sector, followed by paper hygiene products, food products and cosmetics. Machines from the Packaging Valley professionally and efficiently package products such as baby diapers, toothpaste, chocolate, coffee, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and many others. Most member companies still hold their innovations secret, as competition is very keen – in particular with regard to innovations. The watermark of the medium size companies from the regions around Schwaebisch Hall and Crailsheim are, above all, ingenuity and technically mature solutions for highly specific applications. It is not without reason that the companies have an export share of over 70 %.

An anniversary book on 150 years of packaging machinery building in Southern Germany impressively describes the roots and history of this exceptional concentration of packaging machine builders in the regions of Heilbronn, Franconia and Stuttgart. The book gives an account of the development of the major companies. An evolutionary tree shows how much the companies are interwoven and why such a rapid regional development had been possible. The publication was commissioned at the initiative of the managing committees of Packaging Valley Germany and Packaging Excellence Center. Its realization was supported by the Land of Baden-Wurttemberg and the European Union within the frame of the Cluster Initiative. More information will be available in a press conference at Interpack, where the official sale of the book will also be launched.

A general plan with the layout of the Packaging Valley Route will be available at the fair, indicating locations of the participating member companies of Packaging Valley as listed below:

Packaging Valley – Route Interpack 2011
Exhibitors at Interpack 2011 at the joint stand of Packaging Valley Germany e.V.
1 Packaging Valley Germany e.V. (Lounge) Hall 16 Stand D37-02
1 BREITNER Abfüllanlagen GmbH Hall 16 Stand D37-06
1 GEPAS mbH Hall 16 Stand D37-09
1 HEITEC AG Hall 16 Stand D37-04
1 OCS Checkweighers GmbH Hall 16 Stand D37-01
1 Popp Maschinenbau GmbH Hall 16 Stand D37-05
1 R. Weiss Verpackungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG Hall 16 Stand D37-03
1 ServoTech GmbH Hall 16 Stand D37-08
1 Transnova-RUF Verpackungs- und Palettiertechnik GmbH Hall 16 Stand D37-07
More exhibiting member companies at Interpack 2011
2 OPTIMA packaging group GmbH Hall 16 Stand D35/E35
2 S. F. Vision GmbH Hall 16 Stand D35/E35
2 SorTec Pharma Sortiertechnik GmbH Hall 16 Stand D35/E35
2 Stern Fördertechnik GmbH Hall 16 Stand D35/E35
3 PCA Roboter- und Verpackungstechnik GmbH Hall 16 Stand B43
4 Seidenader Hall 16 Stand B47
5 ishida Hall 15 Stand A25
6 OCS Checkweighers GmbH Hall 15 Stand B41
7 PS mako GmbH packaging systems & machines Hall 15 Stand D38
8 rommelag / kocher-plastik Hall 14 Stand C29
9 Rudolf Deckert GmbH & Co. KG Hall 04 Stand B55
10 E + K Sortiersysteme GmbH Hall 06 Stand D44
11 HEITEC AG Hall 06 Stand B34
12 OYSTAR / GASTI Hall 06 Stand C80
13 ZLV Zentrum für Lebensmittel- und Verpackungstechnologie e.V. Hall EN Stand B03


In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kurt Engel
Geschäftsführer Packaging Valley Germany e.V.
Stauffenbergstraße 35 – 37
74523 Schwäbisch Hall
Tel.: 0791/580122
mobil: 01609 722 1321

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