See you again at FACHPACK 2021 with Packaging Valley


Only two months to go! On September 28, the Nuremberg trade fair opens its doors. Then, for three days, it's all about presentations and exhibitions on the leading theme of "Environmentally Friendly Packaging", lots of new developments from the packaging world and, above all, personal discussions. Packaging Valley will be present with 23 members. 14 of them will present themselves at the joint stand in Hall 3C / Stand 237.

For almost two years, there has not been a major event like this in the European packaging industry. The anticipation for FACHPACK (28-30.09.2021) is significant. New formats and offerings have been worked on and exciting new concepts have been developed. A start-up slam awaits. In addition to the TECHBOX and PACKBOX, we’re now also presenting the INNOVATIONSBOX. Presentations on the topics of Design & Material, Resources & Sustainability, and Innovation & Economy are on the agenda. Managing Director of Packaging Valley, Martin Buchwitz, will talk about current challenges in the packaging industry. He points out opportunities that arise and encourages action.

The leading theme of the German packaging trade show is "Environmentally Friendly Packaging". What does sustainability mean in Packaging Valley? It's a big topic with an enormous range of possibilities. For the members, mostly family-owned and traditional companies, it is an absolute must. They have been using resource-saving technologies and efficient tools to reduce unnecessary consumption of capacity for a long time. The concept of sustainability is now firmly anchored in the development of new packaging solutions.

Sabine Gauger (Optima Packaging Group) sees sustainability and environmental awareness as both a necessity and an opportunity for the future. She is a board member of the association and on the advisory board of the Nuremberg trade fair. "For us, getting better and better means working together on sustainable solutions. The tightrope walk between product and environmental protection must be solved with new approaches in the future."

A year has passed since the two associations Packaging Valley Germany and Packaging Excellence Center merged. Now the joint packaging cluster between Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Nuremberg has over 90 members and is on a rising trend. You can meet 23 of them at FachPack. In Hall 3C, the huge joint stand with 14 members is an eyecatcher. Plant manufacturers, component manufacturers, automation companies and service providers present themselves clearly and compactly.

The focal points of our members at the joint booth:

Environmental protection, efficiency, precision, and digital solutions are the focus.

A+V Automation und Verpackungstechnik GmbH is a specialist in packaging systems for solid and corrugated board. All machines are offered climate neutral with their own climate protection program ClimaCert®. Under the term "Circular Packaging", Optima Packaging Group GmbH will be showcasing sustainable packaging solutions. Digital tools such as Remote Assist, a real-time communication system, increases machine availability and efficiency. Everything revolves around mobile assistance systems, data monitoring and digital engineering at the HEITEC AG booth. Under HEITEC 4.0, tools are offered that enable networked and efficient production.

Resource conservation and maximum efficiency are also the focus at Camozzi Automation GmbH. Flexible and smart components regulate the use of resources and combine several packaging steps. In addition to hardware and software components, Jetter AG will also be showing digital solutions for resource-saving production. At the booth, visitors can learn all about cloud solutions and current programming environments.

How packaging material can be saved is also a central question at Ishida GmbH. Mis-weights, unnecessary packaging and food waste are minimized, and leaky MAP packaging is ejected. For this, Ishida presents brand-leading and fully automatic machine solutions. Another weighing specialist on our joint booth is Wipotec-OCS GmbH. Weighing technology and inspection solutions that meet the highest requirements for precision and hygiene will be on display.

The automation company Omron Electronics GmbH is exhibiting solutions for product tracking and quality inspection in the pharmaceutical sector. With "Rethink Manufacturing," it is focusing on collaborative developments.

The variety of surfaces that can be created by thermal spraying can be marveled at the Rybak + Hofmann rhv-Technik GmbH & Co.KG booth. Among other things, the resulting surfaces can improve service life. Efficient sensor applications for increasing plant availability will be presented by Leuze electronic GmbH & Co. Among other things, visitors can find out  everything about the world's first combination fork sensor for labeling machines, which compactly combines the advantages of the two detection principles of light and ultrasound in one housing.

Instead of plastic, cardboard inserts are also possible for protective packaging such as blister packs. This is demonstrated by SVZ Maschinenbau GmbH, a specialist for erecting outer cartons, boxes and cartons. In its usual quality, roboter automatisierung GmbH, the wholly owned subsidiary of Baier Engineering GmbH, will be showing robotic solutions for palletizing buckets, sacks and bottles with servo-electric grippers. Flexible and compact: the Cobot carton palletizer, which does not require a protective fence and is therefore very space-saving and economical.

Everything to do with labeling solutions can be seen at STAKO GmbH Maschinenbau. In addition to systems with labeling modules, semi-automatic filling machines for sensitive liquids will also be on show. We can look forward to the latest product from HO-MA GmbH, which will be presented for the first time at FACHPACK. The specialist for transport and feeding systems also manufactures unpackers and buffer tables as well as semi-automatic machines.

In addition to the 14 members on the Packaging Valley joint stand, nine other companies from the packaging cluster will be showing their product diversity in the immediate vicinity. These include: Breitner, Euchner, Harro Höfliger, Mosca, Murrelektronik, PackPart, R.Weiss, Syntegon, Transnova Ruf and Uhlmann Pac-Systeme.

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