Two strong clusters want to join forces

At the respective general meetings of the two packaging clusters, PEC Packaging Excellence Region Stuttgart e.V. (Waiblingen) and Packaging Valley Germany e.V. (Schwäbisch Hall), there was an identical agenda item. Preparation of a possible merger of these two strong networks.

The advantages are obvious and so the vote in Schwäbisch Hall and a few days later in Waiblingen was positive with a clear majority. “Now we will do everything we can to take the right steps,” says Bernd Hansen, CEO of Rommelag Group and Chairman of Packaging Valley Germany e.V., delightedly.

A few weeks earlier there had been preparatory meetings and discussions between the boards of directors. The strong networks for packaging machine manufacture and automation technology have already existed for 12 years. Together, the associations have the competence of more than 100 member companies. These include world market leaders, family businesses, suppliers, universities and public institutions. Anything with rank and reputation in the packaging industry is either a member of the PEC or is in the Packaging Valley. Both networks have been highly recognized worldwide for years, because they are oriented towards the principle – from companies for companies – in the market. Contributions are made to needs-based development and synergies are created through the dialogue between business and science. For the customers of the companies this means a head start in the market. Markus Höfliger, CEO of Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH and Chairman of Packaging Excellence Region Stuttgart e.V., is certain: “A merger will make both networks even more important worldwide. This will also have a positive effect on the regions in the areas of training and further education as well as the recruitment of skilled workers.”

In the coming months, the members of the Management Board will develop a comprehensive, strategic contract for the planned merger, which will be submitted to the members for final approval. Among other things, it will address the revision of the two statutes, the relocation of the registered office to Waiblingen and the use of the uniform brand “Packaging Valley Germany e.V.”. The offices in Schwäbisch Hall and Waiblingen will remain in place and continue to work closely together.


Packaging Valley Germany e. V.
Kurt Engel
Managing Director
Stauffenbergstraße 35-37
74523 Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
Phone: 0049 (0)791 580114
Mobil.: 0049 160 97221321

Packaging Excellence Center Region Stuttgart e.V.
Dr. Marc Funk
Managing Director
Scheuerngasse 4
71332 Waiblingen, Germany
Phone 0049 (0)7151 5001-8300
Mobil.: 0049 151-18048006



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