VR Center Schwäbisch Hall officially opened – Corporate Integration of Virtual Reality for the Future

Virtual Reality in Packaging Valley. The VR Center Schwäbisch Hall in Baden-Wuerttemberg is a joint project of the packaging cluster Packaging Valley Germany e.V. and provides access to virtual applications and 3D presentations.

On Friday, January 22, 2016 the VR Center was presented for the first time to a select audience, namely to member companies of Packaging Valley, initiators, sponsors and supporting state organizations together with other parties involved in concept and development. A further partner in the concept and implementation phase was the “Vision Dimension Center” (VDC) in Fellbach. The essential participation was provided by the following packaging companies and members of Packaging Valley: Optima packaging group GmbH, kocher-plastik Maschinenbau GmbH and itek GmbH, provider of engineering services which will also to take over on-site management in the capacity of VR specialist.

Virtual Reality, with its many-faceted possibilities, is already a key future technology in the specialist machine engineering sector, but can also be used by architects and other production, design and development industries. Machines are presented in a virtual environment. This enables definitive spatial concepts and views from a number of different perspectives which would often not be possible in reality. The prime target is primarily that of driving forward the power of innovation in conjunction with efficacious cooperation and development.

“The future lies in virtual development and implementation” according to Kurt Engel, Managing Director of Packaging Valley. Further possible applications are currently being worked on by experts and partners of the network.

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