Technological diversity in
Packaging Valley

On the following pages, find out what our member companies can offer you, which requirements can be fulfilled and which packaging technologies are in focus.

What do the companies in Packaging Valley have to offer?

The network of Packaging Valley offers packaging machines, components and service encompassing packaging machines and machine manufacture. Expect to find the right solution for your primary and secondary packages, all the way to turn-key packaging lines for different industry requirements.

+ Technologies

Beyond the continuous new developments in the different industries, the newest technologies for aseptic filling and processing of pharmaceutical packaging can be found. These include end-of-line packaging lines with innovative handling and palletizing methods for fast and secure transport or service providers who bring their service to the end user. The companies offer special methods for product serialisation (Track-and-Trace) in the pharma sector, guaranteeing the pedigree of the products.

+ Development and Engineering

Aside from the manufacture of packaging machines, the optimal design of primary packaging plays a significant role in Packaging Valley. Manufacturers and service providers take on the development of innovative packages and display packages upon request.

+ Service

Many members also provide spare parts, components for format parts and even general overhauls of existing lines from other suppliers.

Which types of packages can be found in Packaging Valley?

Package types range from primary packaging up to secondary packaging and end-of-line. Find specialists for regulatory intensive primary packaging in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as suppliers of innovative point-of-sale packaging, transport or other display packages.

For which industries does Packaging Valley supply appropriate packaging solutions?

The focus is on packaging for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and chemical industries. Our members fulfil the highest requirements for pharmaceutical and food packaging in aseptic filling, meet the most current requirements on packaging developments and transport. Naturally, other areas such as consumer and non-food industries are also supported. Specialists for dairies and bakeries can be found just the same as specialists for hygiene articles and paper and media.

In which categories will you find the right partner?

Our network includes manufacturers of packaging lines and packaging machines. Manufacturers of components as well as service providers for the packaging industry are also included. Based on these three categories, you can find the right supplier.

Choose from a wide selection of specialists for pharmaceutical machines and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as packaging machines for food, cosmetics, hygiene products etc. Included are filling and dosing machines, designed especially for aseptic filling, carton erectors, cappers and palletising units with robot technology and toploading machines. To the packaging machine manufacturers >

Providing to the special machine manufacturer, our component manufacturers supply innovative modules and single machines to support your packaging line. Included are specialists for sorting technologies, transport systems, weighing technologies, inspection and monitoring systems, manufacturers of cutting systems, tools and hoppers. To the component manufacturers >

Find a wide spectrum of different services, including development and engineering services for individualized solutions in transport and packaging also including sale and delivery of the machines if desired. Services for optimizing production, line documentation, validation and qualification, software engineering and contract manufacturers are also part of the spectrum. To the service providers >