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Packaging Valley Days

THE event in the packaging industry where experts
will talk about future topics.

Expert talks about industry trends and newest developments

Packaging Valley Days is an international conference in the packaging industry which was specifically initiated by Packaging Valley. During the two day event, experts and industry monitors speak about industry trends and newest developments in and around the packaging industry and machine manufacture. Gain insights first hand from lectures by experts and discussion forums, as well taking advantage of the opportunity to meet and greet with managing directors of packaging companies.

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Company tours for a look behind the scenes

Individualized facility tours among the member companies of Packaging Valley provide a look behind the scenes of companies in the region. It enables you to combine know how and practice at a glance. Learn about the packaging industry and special engineering. What you get is an overview about a wide range – from packaging machine and components manufacturer as well as respective service providers.

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Packaging Valley Days 2016

At a glance – to the point:

Packaging Valley Days


Conference including lectures by experts, discussion forums, and facility tours at member companies


2 Days


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“An outstanding event. We found the perfect solution provider for our packaging problems during a company visit.”

Tim Friese / Bausch & Lomb, Berlin

“Packaging Valley has given a new perspective towards quality, effectiveness and efficiency through innovation.”

Surjoseputro Suseno / P.T. Otsuka, Indonesia

“An informative event that showcases and explains the latest trends. Not only the official lectures and forums but the informal exchange with others in the same situation in particular helps you meet the challenges of your own business.”

Georg Haus / SONAX, Neuburg (Donau)

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