Review: Packaging Valley Days 2016

Review 2016 / 23rd and 24th June 2016,
Schwäbisch Hall, Germany


Packaging Valley Days 2016 – Kick-off event

Packaging Valley Days 2016 – Company tours

Packaging Valley Days 2016 – Evening event

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Packaging Valley Days


Conference including lectures by experts, discussion forums, and facility tours at member companies.


2 Days


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Content & key notes in the context of the issue “Virtuality meets Reality – packaging processes 4.1“

Speakers Packaging Valley Days 2016

Dr. Pero Mićić

FutureManagementGroup AG, Walluf / Founder and CEO

Dr. Pero Mićić is considered to be one of the leading experts in future management. He is on the Board of the FutureManagementGroup AG, whose mission is to help top decision makers in business, politics and public administration see more of the future.

Have a bright future!?

SINCE THE EARLY CULTURES, people have strived to better see, understand, and benefit from the future. It’s in our instinct to try. But we are not particularly good at it. We never learned how to do it. Future researchers do not offer precise forecasts. Instead, they generate non-committal scenarios and analyze trends. But this is not enough, because people are longing for guidance, security, and confidence. How can you better deal with the future in everyday life?

Nik Seidenader

Medipak Systems AG, Winterthur, Switzerland / Senior Consultant

After being consultant at Bain & Co, in 1991 he entered the managing board of Seidenader Maschinenbau GmbH which develops inspection and track & trace solutions. Today Nik Seidenader works as a lecturer at The University of Munich, and as a startup investor providing support to new talents and innovative startup-companies.

Track + Trace Systems –
A challenge for producers, technology suppliers and consumers

Seidenader has played a pioneering role in developing T+T systems for the pharma industry. This paper explains the historic development, current status and future challenges ahead. A case study will explain all T+T steps in a factor value chain. International regulations will be discussed. Finally we will explore on how to define and manage a successful project.

Gert Hansen

Ocedo GmbH, Karlsruhe / Chief Technology Officer and Founder

Gert Hansen is software specialist and the co-founder of several software development companies. He developed market leading IT security systems, such as Sophos UTM or Ocedo SDN System. Security is supposed to be more accessible for mid-sized companies.

How to secure Industrie 4.0 Environments

Industry 4.0 promises great potential in the optimization of production processes, but also tend to bear many new risks, especially in the field of secure connectivity. The presentation outlines modern security risks based on current hacker attacks, shows why many current IT Security Systems do not protect properly, but also outlines new concepts how modern IT networks should be secured in the future By way of example for a “Secure remote maintenance of an industrial system” it will be visualized that you already can realize a secure network with today’s products.

Thomas Dunn

Senior Project Analyst / Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation, West Columbia/USA 

Thomas Dunn is a Senior Project Analyst who oversees large scale IT projects related to process automation. His background in electronic medical record implementation, paired with his Masters in Healthcare Administration and Healthcare IT, has provided extensive experience in IT system infrastructure design in the manufacturing industry. The design of a system is critical to the collaborative automation of each piece of the process, especially in product packaging.

Industry 4.0 in Action: Full Scale Automation from the ground up

This presentation will discuss how Nephron Phamaceuticals utilized the latest technologies in production, packaging, and product logistics during the building of its new manufactuing facility. By integrating production data across the internet of things, Nephron is able to provide product serialization and advanced shipment notifications to it’s customers while ensuring the highest quality product on the market.

Dr. Rainer Stetter

Markus Gehrke

Michael Joos

Talk of experts:

  • Dr. Rainer Stetter, Managing Director, ITQ GmbH, Munich
  • Markus Gehrke, Automation Engineer, Nestlé Product Technology Centre Lebensmittelforschung GmbH, Singen
  • Michael Joos, Group Leader Engineering OPTIMA consumer GmbH, Schwäbisch Hall

The „talking“ packaging machine 4.1 – Standards driven by Packaging Valley

The prerequisite for Industry 4.0 is the ability of technical equipment to communicate. Where are we in the development of this topic in the packaging industry? Which impulses are customers and manufacturers following? How can we champion this topic together?

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