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Machine knives for industrial applications

Alfred Giesser Messerfabrik manufactures industrial knives that enjoy a worldwide reputation. Long company tradition and above-average quality are responsible for this - but also our unique ability to offer well thought-out complete solutions. We design and manufacture industrial knives and innovative cutting solutions for many industries. In doing so, we make sure that our products adapt exactly to the conditions of the respective company. If optimizations and reworking are required, we are the right partner here too. With our modern machinery, we manufacture ourselves or, if desired, we also develop machine components for non-cutting applications. In addition, we offer services such as the execution of contract work.

Good to know: EFFICIENT FROM TRADITION is our motto. Quality and efficiency are our top priority in order to provide our customers with a smooth production process and to save time, effort and costs.


  • Systems and machines
  • Component manufacturers


  • Tools / Supplies
  • Sorting / Feeding
  • Final Packaging / Cartoning

Industries / References

Pharma, Cosmetics, Chemistry, Non-Food, Food, Print and Paper


  1. In-house-Engineering for customized cutting solutions up to the construction of complete cutting modules
  2. Everything from one source: In-house production of machine and industrial knives as well as hardened, wear-resistant and high-precision machine components.
  3. Wide range of customer industries: including pharmaceutical, food, packaging, textile, leather, glass, tobacco, rubber and plastics industries
  4. High Performance Components - We manufacture high-precision corrosion-resistant wear-resistant machine components based on hardened high-alloy materials according to drawings.


Alfred Giesser Messerfabrik GmbH

Birkenstraße 8
71364 Winnenden


Phone: 0049 7195-9744-0
Fax: 0049 7195-9744-50

Key data

Managing Director: Silvie Giesser-Reinhard, Hans Werner Reinhard, Siegfried Stürner

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