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atio - Your Partner for Industrial IoT Solutions

Networking of machines, components, systems, factories, buildings and people increasingly contributes to the success of a company. Likewise, intelligently networked products can open up new markets and strengthen local and global competitiveness.

atio has cross-industry expertise to proactively develop IoT projects with customers from Mechanical and Equipment Engineering as well as Architecture to connect and advance. With us you can profitably leverage innovative IoT technologies for your machinery and equipment, factories and buildings. By networking your machines in the field, you can gain real-time insights into the condition of your products, can create analyses, optimize and get advance detection on potential problems arising on a machine or piece of equipment. This, in turn, can help ensure that your technicians have the right parts and procedures in place to proactively fix a problem that arises. Our solutions can also help you commission your products on-site at your customers or at other locations. For example, the training of technicians on site at a machine or equipment can be supported by the use of Augmented & Mixed Reality solutions can be made more efficient across national borders.

Your technicians can also access your expert knowledge globally, regardless of where they are working, e.g. to the development at the head office. Remote Guidance solutions allow your experts to "look over the shoulder" of the technicians on site in order to be able to support them with upcoming measures. With our software products from a leading manufacturer of IoT software, we can implement different application scenarios. Especially in the service sector there are scenarios, which make it possible to design service scenarios more efficiently, faster and more cost-effectively

Good to know: atio was created as a spin-off of a software and consulting company specialized in CAD and PDM/PLM with over 20 years of experience in CAD/CAM, PDM, BIM, Digital Factory and Simulation. We build on over 20 years of experience in engineering and the IT systems used in engineering. Due to the increasing digitalization at our customers and new developments in the software environment, we are now developing further into the areas of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things and Augmented Reality. With our deep knowledge in the area of product data management and visualization of product information as well as in product lifecycle management in the mechanical engineering, plant engineering and construction industries, we have the best prerequisites to support our customers in their IoT scenarios of their products.


  • Software and automation
  • Service provider


  • Machine and process optimization
  • Application specific software development
  • Qualification / Validation
  • IoT and industrial cloud solutions

Industries / References

Food, Consumer goods, Engineering


  1. Digitization of machines and plants to optimize service/maintenance processes
  2. Visualization and analysis of operating parameters of plants and machines


Atio GmbH

Karlstr. 37
89073 Ulm


Phone: +49 731 96 33 99-0

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Managing Director: Andreas Wurster

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