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Sustainable packaging according to the cradle-to-cradle principle

A world without plastic waste - our packaging technology makes it possible. A wide variety of products perfectly packaged? Then Chocal is the right partner for you - the global market leader in the development of sustainable moulded packaging for chocolate figures, drugstore items, takeaway, home products and much more. Chocal packaging makes your products stand out at the point of sale and protects them perfectly. Our technology offers extensive design options in terms of shape, color, barrier layers and printing.

We design all packaging according to the Cradle-to-Cradle principle, so there is no waste. They are either recyclable or nutrient based and therefore easily compostable.

Our modular machine design is digital from the ground up. Great service and our AI-based assistance system enable highly productive manufacturing.

Good to know: At Chocal, all production parameters are digitized and constantly monitored. Customers can easily use Chocal Packaging Technology with our AI-based assistance system called Cephyre. Chocal packaging machines are digital by nature. Our Cephyre technology enables maximum productivity and safety in production while creating a whole new service dimension.


  • Systems and machines


  • Primary packaging


  • Final Packaging / Cartoning

Packaging Material

  • Film
  • Paper / Carton
  • Metal

Products to be packaged

  • Solid

Industries / References

Non-Food, Food, Consumer goods


  1. Predominant forming of the material with slight elongation - packaging from different materials possible
  2. Significantly less material used from the beginning - more packaging from the same mass of material
  3. Packaging materials - packaging made of aluminum, paper and CNF (Chocal Natural Fiber - a transparent film made of biopolymers that completely decomposes under home composting conditions)
  4. Our machines and our whole company are CO2 neutral


Chocal Packaging Solutions GmbH

Perlenweg 6
73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd


Phone: +49 7171 1009-555

Key data

Managing Director: Dr.-Ing. Alexander von Niessen

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