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Expert for automation technology

ECOSPHERE GmbH & Co KG is at the forefront of intelligent automation technology and is passionately driving the revolution in production processes for companies of all sizes. Our goal? To redefine the world of work through  implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions. We are specialists in the integration of collaborative lightweight robots that not only increase efficiency but also revolutionize human-machine interaction. With a comprehensive portfolio ranging from individual consulting to the implementation of state-of-the-art robotic systems, accompanied by ongoing technical support and optimization, we position ourselves as a driving force for our customers' competitive advantages. We offer not only state-of-the-art automation solutions, but also professional training and hands-on training that introduces both beginners and experts to the world of cobots. Our mission: To shape the future of automation technology with tireless innovation and the highest quality standards!

Good to know: The name ECOSPHERE® comes from the English word for ecosphere.
(The term "ecosphere" was coined in the 1950s by the American ecologist LaMont C. Cole. He used it to describe the entirety of the interdependent terrestrial ecosystems of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and the surface layers of the lithosphere).

Our ecosphere is a self-contained and functional network of the ecosystems of automation technology. We work according to this principle in order to create innovative and sustainable solutions for and with our customers. With our ECO modules and collaborative robots, it is possible to network and automate individual processes and work steps. Constant communication between the systems ensures that all steps mesh perfectly. Just like an ecosystem.


  • Systems and machines
  • Software and automation
  • Component manufacturers
  • Service provider


  • Primary packaging
  • Secondary packaging


  • Machine and process optimization
  • Application specific software development
  • In addition to planning we also sell machines and systems (e.g. optimized systems or systems from other manufacturers)
  • Packaging engineering / Planning
  • Conveying systems and control technology
  • Tools / Supplies
  • Single machines (not plants)
  • Palletizing
  • Sorting / Feeding
  • Filling / Dosing
  • Final Packaging / Cartoning
  • Palletizing
  • Drive technology
  • Robotics
  • Sensors
  • Industrial Image Processing

Packaging Material

  • Plastics / PET
  • Paper / Carton

Products to be packaged

  • Solid
  • Liquid

Industries / References

Non-Food, Consumer goods, Automotive industry


  1. Turn-key automation solutions
  2. Modular system - modular and flexible
  3. Integration support for own automations
  4. Robotics training
  5. Universal Robots, ABB



Alte Poststraße 11/ Halle 3
74579 Fichtenau

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Managing Director: Danny Denk

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