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Specialist field

Transport, feeding and automation solutions

HO-MA GmbH is recognized as an expert for high-quality complete transport, feeding, storage and separation systems.

In any output range,  products such as glass or plastic containers, fittings, spray pumps, syringes and many more are sorted, erected, transported, inspected and buffered. These processes are manufactured as stand-alone machines or integration solutions for your equipment, and, If required, also with robot technology.

HO-MA GmbH also manufactures semi-automatic machines and prototypes for a variety of applications and production areas, such as the Naiopur sterilizer - gentle UV sterilization system, and buffered syringe supply to sorting systems for the most different products.

Good to know: We use this advantage in experience to make your solution for transport, feeding and automation.

Innovative feeding and automation solutions for different products.


  • Systems and machines
  • Component manufacturers


  • Sorting technologies
  • Inspection / testing and monitoring technologies
  • Single machines (not plants)
  • Sorting / Feeding
  • Filling / Dosing

Packaging Material

  • Plastics / PET
  • Glass
  • Metal

Products to be packaged

  • Solid
  • Liquid

Industries / References

Pharma, Cosmetics, Chemistry, Non-Food, Food, Consumer goods


  1. Expert (not only) in stainless steel
  2. Gentle product handling during transport and feeding
  3. Customer-specific developments
  4. Robotic applications
  5. Specialist for assembly and module mounting



Almarstraße 14
74532 Ilshofen-Großallmerspann


Phone: 0049 7904 9449 980
Fax: 0049 7904 9449 987
Email: info@ho-ma.eu
Website: www.ho-ma.eu

Key data

Managing Director: Thilo Baumann

Founded in:



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