Popp Maschinenbau GmbH

Inkjet belts / Mailing machines / Palletising / Secondary paper packaging / Presses / Transport


Integrating Packaging Machine Technology with Paper Handling

Specialized on processing paper and paper products in connection with packaging technology, Popp Maschinenbau GmbH builds specialized machines and components for the packaging industry. Our production line goes from stand-alone machines, systems up to packaging lines for processing paper and paper products exactly to our customer’s demands. The machines are suited for separating, aligning, transporting, folding, collecting, cutting, gluing and labeling products. In addition we offer specialized systems around feeding products to your packaging lines.

Good to know: our customers include printing offices, bookbinders, letter shops, photo labs, packaging companies, government agencies, banks, mechanical engineering firms, paper and packaging technology dealers, insurance companies, and the investment and consumer goods industries.

According to your demands: our machines for processing paper and paper products.


  • Systems and machines


  • Sorting / Feeding
  • Final Packaging / Cartoning
  • Palletizing

Packaging Material

  • Paper / Carton

Products to be packaged

  • Solid

Industries / References

Pharma, Cosmetics, Non-Food, Food, Print and Paper


  1. Paper processing
  2. Feeding systems for print and media products
  3. Samples and sample packaging systems


Popp Maschinenbau GmbH

Wittauer Straße 8
74564 Crailsheim


Phone: 0049 7951 296096 0
Fax: 0049 7951 42967
Email: info@popp-maschinenbau.de
Website: www.popp-maschinenbau.de

Key data

Managing Director: Helmut Popp

Founded in:



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