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Magnetic Sensor Technology / Angle Measurement / Displacement Measurement / Current Measurement / Measurement Technology / Condition Monitoring


High-Precision Sensor Solutions based on MR Technologies

Sensitec is a leading manufacturer of high-precision sensors based on the magnetoresistive (MR) effect. We are one of the few suppliers who have mastered all three MR technologies (AMR, GMR, TMR). MR sensors monitor and control the finest movements and solve measurement tasks for variables such as path, angle, position, or current. The use of MR sensors has proven successful in condition monitoring, among other applications. Here, for example, angle sensors are used to identify gear and bearing faults and defects in electric motors. MR sensors are particularly robust, precise, dynamic, and small. With their individual advantages, they are therefore suitable for almost every industrial sector with high requirements and enable new fields of application.

Good to know: For more than 20 years we have been considered a reliable partner for innovative sensor solutions in automation technology, mechanical engineering, condition monitoring in printing machines, power electronics, packaging industry, automotive sector, or in the field of renewable energies.


  • Software and automation


  • Sensors
  • Measuring technology

Industries / References

Pharma, Chemistry, Print and Paper, Automation Technology


  1. Development and manufacture of magnetic sensors based on the magnetoresistive principle
  2. Development of customer or application specific sensors for single measurement, displacement measurement or current measurement in industrial machines
  3. Development of measurement technology and sensors for condition monitoring of machine elements


Sensitec GmbH

Schanzenfeldstraße 2
35578 Wetzlar


Phone: +49-6441-5291-0
Fax: +49-6441-5291-117

Key data

Managing Director: Dr. Rolf Slatter (CEO), Alexander Veidt (CFO)

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