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Self-erecting base / Folding boxes / Format changes / Filling and closing machine / Conveyor belts / Cartoning machines / Carton erector / STELLMAX / Adjustment jigs

Specialist field

Vertical Cartoning Machines and Components for Easy Format Changes

The company so-matec Yilong manufactures semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines, focussing on cartoning solutions. We offer cardboard container errectors as well as horizontal and vertical cartoning machines. From gable topped cartons to self unfolding base cartons, our machines can process the most varied shapes fully automatically, closing both the top and the bottom. Depending on the need, ergonomically accessible manual processing stations can be combined with semi-automatic processes. In this way, we offer economical solutions for small batches. Made especially for your needs, our compact machines can be put to work in many different production areas. By integrating our own engineered STELLMAX products into the machines, we deliver fast and cost effective format changes.

Good to know: we round out our portfolio of products with conveyor belts which can be adjusted in length and adapted to the production situation as required.


The cartoning machines are offered in various degrees of automation and in two sizes. Cartons with a width of 185 mm can be processed.


  • Systems and machines


  • Final Packaging / Cartoning

Packaging Material

  • Film
  • Paper / Carton

Products to be packaged

  • Solid
  • Liquid
  • Powdery

Industries / References

Pharma, Cosmetics, Chemistry, Non-Food, Food, Consumer goods


  1. Horizontal and vertical cartoning machines
  2. Turnkey machines with integrated manual working stations
  3. Cartoning, forming, filling, closing machines
  4. Packaging engineering


so-matec Yilong GmbH

Hofwiesenstraße 27
74564 Crailsheim


Phone: 0049 7951 29713 0
Fax: 0049 7951 29713 290

Key data

Managing Director: Decheng Liu, Thomas Lächler

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