STAKO GmbH Maschinenbau

Rotary tables / Labelling machines / Bottle hoppers / Filling and closing machines / Chain link conveyors / Belt conveyors / Narrow gauge conveyor belts / Plunger rod insertion machines / Orientation equipment / Transport systems / Feeding technology


Conveyor and Feed Systems, Labeling, Orienter, Filling and Specialized Machines

With 30 years of experience, STAKO GmbH Maschinenbau designs and manufactures systems for the packaging industry. Our family-run company specialises in labelling machines and transport systems as well as filling and special machines. Our customers include well-known machine manufacturers from the region as well as international end customers.

Thanks to our programming know-how, we can provide you with machines equipped with freely programmable controls as a one-stop shop. Due to our extensive specialist knowledge and our many years of experience, we will always find the right solutions for you. Our STAKO machines make these solutions reality, ensuring your production process is smooth.

Good to know: our machines are used primarily in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industries.

Customized production: special-purpose machines and entire systems such as conveyor, feed systems, labelling, orienter and filling machines.


  • Systems and machines
  • Component manufacturers


  • Sorting technologies
  • Conveying systems and control technology
  • Single machines (not plants)
  • Sorting / Feeding
  • Filling / Dosing

Industries / References

Pharma, Cosmetics, Chemistry, Non-Food, Food


  1. Labelling machines
  2. Conveyor and feed systems
  3. Filling machines
  4. Orienter machines
  5. Special machines


STAKO GmbH Maschinenbau

Frankenstraße 5
74549 Wolpertshausen


Phone: 0049 7904 944680 0
Fax: 0049 7904 944680 19

Key data

Managing Director: Martin Stapf

Founded in:



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