You are looking for additional information about the packaging industry? Packaging Valley cooperates with important associations within the packaging industry and thereby offers access to an extended network of competencies and important sources of additional information.

dvi – Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e.V.

Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e.V. is the only network in the packaging industry whose affiliate companies cover the entire value chain of packaging. The network receives impetus from its environment and also continuously gives important impetus. In the complex, multifaceted world of the packaging industry, it is no longer possible for individuals to represent all the conditions and processes themselves. This task is taken on by the dvi. It collects processes and distributes important information, providing members of the network with significant insights and furthers innovation.

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The association - Lebensmitteletzwerk Rhein-Neckar e.V. was founded in Heidelberg in 2018 as a regional platform on an initiative of the Rhine-Neckar District Economic Development Corporation. The aim of is to network and strengthen as many companies as possible from all areas of the food industry in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. The association's current 25 members include manufacturing SMEs and corporations, suppliers, service providers and startups. supports the partners to cooperate closely, sharing knowledge with each other and with scientific institutions, making greater use of synergy effects and creating new training and further education opportunities. This is intended to increase both the innovative strength and the competitiveness of the member companies. Furthermore, the association wants to strengthen the food industry in the region as an attractive employer and that the appreciation of food is improved.

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Hochschule Aalen

According to recent surveys, Aalen University is one of the most popular universities of applied sciences in Germany. Its innovative programs are preparing students for the demands of a forward-thinking, digital and sustainable society and industry. On a modern and constantly growing campus in the south of Germany, the approximately 5,600 students acquire all the skills they need for a successful start of their careers in well-equipped laboratories and workshops.

To guarantee this, Aalen University works closely with regional companies, among them numerous world market leaders. During the course of their studies, students can build a network of valuable business contacts through project work, internships or their thesis. Aalen University of Applied Sciences has around 130 partner universities around the world and helps students organize their semester abroad from the get go. Anyone who has a good idea and aims at setting up their own company gets support and is helped along by the university’s Innovation Center INNO-Z.

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Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart

The Hochschule der Medien (HdM) Stuttgart is a public university of applied sciences. It prepares specialists and generalists for work in today‘s world of media. Currently, more than 5100 students are enrolled.

The spectrum of professional media education at the HdM is one of a kind in all of Europe. Nearly 30 accredited Bachelor‘s and Master‘s degree programmes are available including printing, audio-visual media, information systems, computer science, advertising, media management, media publishing, and packaging technology. The combination of a strong theoretical background and hands-on experience creates a programme of active learning. Students learn to work together and solve problems involving a combination of technology, business and media content.

The curriculum and contents are regularly reviewed and adapted to keep up with current developments in media. A one-semester internship is required as an integral part of the Bachelor's studies. Together with projects it ensures the practical orientation of the programmes.

The Institute of Applied Research coordinates research activities on innovative topics in various media sectors.

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IHK Center for Continuing Education

The IHK Center for Continuing Education sees itself as your partner in all matters relating to continuing professional education. As a subsidiary of the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we offer those interested in continuing education a comprehensive range of events close to their location.

Seminars give short, efficient and up-to-date practical impulses and suggestions to better cope with operational tasks and problems.

Certificate courses provide in-depth and intensive practical knowledge that can be applied immediately. Successful participants receive an IHK certificate.

Courses with IHK examinations offer you a broad range of new knowledge and a broadening of your horizons, as well as the basis for career advancement. You will acquire an IHK advanced training certificate that is recognized in the business world.

Further training, organizational and personnel development concepts optimally tailored to the needs of your company. For companies, we design customized in-house seminars for personnel development.

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Town of Schwäbisch Hall

The large district town of Schwäbisch Hall is located in the northeast of Baden-Württemberg in the Heilbronn-Franken region. Almost 41,000 people from more than 120 nations live in the city on the Kocher River.

Schwäbisch Hall offers a rich cultural and leisure program, for example with the Kunsthalle Würth or the summer open-air plays on the steps in front of St. Michael's Church. Salt played an important role in the city's history, making Schwäbisch Hall an important city in the Middle Ages and early modern times. In the city's diverse educational institutions, everyone can find access to education, regardless of age, station in life or talent.

Today, Schwäbisch Hall is also characterized by a strong economy: It is home to - often family-run - companies that are among the world market leaders in their sector, including in the packaging industry segment. A total of around 26,000 employees  work in Schwäbisch Hall and contribute to social insurance (as of 2019).

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VDC – Virtual Dimension Center

The Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) is Germany’s leading competence network for Virtual Engineering. Technology and service providers, users, research institutions and multipliers work together in the VDC network along the entire value chain of Virtual Engineering- namely in 3D simulation, 3D visualization, product lifecycle management (PLM), and Virtual Reality (VR). VDC members gain improved innovation activity and a higher productivity by acquiring additional information and benefitting from cost advantages.

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Town of Waiblingen

Waiblingen is a strong business location,  home to companies that operate successfully on the world markets. The city has everything that releases energy in people. Energy to work, to live and to exchange with each other. It is not without reason that quality of life and satisfaction have a real meaning here. Companies and tradespeople have valued Waiblingen as a location for more than 750 years, because this is where they find raw materials that are most valuable: Ideas and talent. The Staufer city, with its 57,000 inhabitants in the core city and the five villages, offers an ideal economic environment in the middle of one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe.

Waiblingen is also a great place to live. The town center is one of the most beautiful half-timbered towns in southern Germany. The cultural offerings are characterized by inter/national exhibitions and concerts. The Stihl Waiblingen Gallery, which specializes in the presentation of works on and made of paper, as well as the Unteres Remstal Art School, the House of City History and the Beinstein Gate Tower all contribute to this cultural center. There is also a lot to be offered off the beaten track: From music and theater, literature and dance, conferences and seminars, to fairs and markets to festivals and celebrations, there is really nothing that is not offered in Waiblingen.

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ZLV – Zentrum für Lebensmittel- und Verpackungstechnologie e.V.

The ZLV is a joint Initiative of Leading Industrial Companies, Politicians, Institutions, Science and Research. ZLV is a cooperative network for all business partners in the entire value chain for factory made and packaged foodstuffs. All competencies across the value chain – from the raw materials for foodstuffs and packaging materials, to the retail trade – are connected in an ideal way.

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