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Intelligent packaging machines – Industry-oriented packaging machines and innovative custom solutions require strong specialization. To fulfill this requirement, we have organized our subsidiaries in the fields of Consumer, Nonwovens, Pharma and Life Science. We design and build equipment for use around the globe, from single standard machines to complete turnkey operations.

Good to know: with 13 international locations, we guarantee you rapid service around the world.

Highest Requirements and Flexibility for Medical and Pharmaceutical Products

OPTIMA pharma

Optima Pharma develops and builds filling, closing and processing technologies for pharmaceutical products. Our automated systems are used to process blood plasma products, vaccines, oncology and biotech products in disposable syringes, vials, IV bags and carpules. Additional functions and processing technologies such as washing machines, sterilization tunnels and containment systems are integrated as needed. Pharmaceutical freeze drying and robotic product handling complete the product portfolio.

OPTIMA life science

Optima Life Science offers flexible manufacturing and packaging processes for fields as diverse as wound dressings, transdermal and electrode patches as well as immunoassays (ELISA test kits). Our core areas of expertise include web processing technologies and liquid coatings. We develop complete automated lines with integrated packaging functions. These modular machine systems offer unsurpassed plug-and-play flexibility.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Food, Cosmetics, Chemicals and Sanitary Paper Products

OPTIMA consumer

Discover our range of intelligent packaging solutions for foods, cosmetics and chemistry. Packaging systems made by Optima Consumer are used to process a large variety of products from liquid to viscous, powdery or granulated, from portion packs to bulk containers, from coffee capsules to mascara tubes and oil canisters. In addition to stand-alone machines, we also supply high-performance filling and closing systems plus cartoners with robotic and hygienic features, depending on task. We also team with our customers to develop creative packaging ideas and technologies in the areas of single serve, functional closure and film bag.

Packaging technologies for paper hygiene

OPTIMA nonwovens

Optima Nonwovens offers flagship packaging technologies for disposable paper articles such as diapers, sanitary napkins and tissue rolls. We guarantee that our packaging systems work synchronously with the machines in your manufacturing facility. Our flexible systems of machines with small/medium output to high performance units cover the entire range of small to large packages. When combined with inspection functions, secondary packaging and palletizing units completely automated lines are being created.


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OPTIMA Packaging group GmbH

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OPTIMA Packaging group GmbH:
Filling lines / Aseptic filling / Can filling lines / Dosing lines / Pharmaceutical filling lines / Pharmaceutical packaging / Syringe filling machines / Syringe processing / Sterile packaging / Diaper packaging

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