Packaging Valley: European Award

The Bronze Award from the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis was presented to Packaging Valley Germany e.V. on 17th September 2017 under the framework of a Strategy Workshop in Waldenburg. Regional networks throughout Europe are compared and evaluated. Packaging Valley has thus achieved even more importance and recognition beyond Germany.


The anniversary celebration “Ten Years of Packaging Valley” was crowned by a further special event, namely the awarding of the “European Cluster Excellence Initiative Bronze Label”.


The ESCA (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis), analyzes, compares and evaluates cluster networks throughout Europe. The initiator is VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH. The objective of this regular benchmarking is the measurement of innovative power in the territories of Europe. The awards are presented to regional networks which perform well in international comparison and which work towards strengthening their international orientation for the future. In particular, the aim is to promote a stronger focus on innovation and internationality in cluster networks.


The importance of the award

“As a network we already put many activities into practice in joint cooperation with member companies. We are certainly not afraid to be compared with other clusters in Europe. On the contrary, in fact, as in this way we also gain insights into other clusters, including in regions outside Germany. Potential is disclosed and gaps are shown which we still need to close. Such comparison can therefore only be of advantage for us as an association and make us stronger as a brand.” This is how Kurt Engel describes the importance of the award. He has been the CEO of Packaging Valley since its’ inauguration ten years ago.


Target: Intensification of joint activities

Packaging Valley networks more than 40 business enterprises in the packaging industry. Joint trade fair appearances are organized as well as own events, such as “Packaging Valley Days” which will take place again next time in 2019. Here, themes for the future and the challenges facing the mechanical engineering industry and its customers are all discussed at length. A further topic is the current shortage of skilled employees. A special job portal has already been set up to tackle this subject. Further functions are also planned to the benefit of both companies and candidates. An additional aim is to strengthen the visibility of member companies in other countries as well as the promotion of innovation power through joint research and development projects. The Virtual Reality Center for the use of all members is a step in the right direction.

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