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Rent the VR Center and use it for conferences, workshops and virtual applications.


The VR Center Schwäbisch Hall –
Virtual Applications for Success

In the Virtual Reality Center of the Technology Center Schwäbisch Hall you have the technology of virtual reality for life-sized 3-dimensional simulations of machines and processes at your disposal. Imbue your presentations with the special touch of virtual reality and profit from the advantages of virtual applications.

Interactive 3D presentations

Life-sized visualization and 3D presentations enable greater efficiency in allocation of resources. The benefit is immediately obvious, predominantly in the development of machines, processes and products but also in the execution of training programs and introductory machine operating instructions.

Virtual cooperation in the development phase

Virtual designs and digital mock-ups can be implemented with savings in time and costs prior to the actual prototype construction. Optimized alternatives are thus introduced right from the development phase.

Training and instruction without downtime

By means of the 3D goggles and navigation tools, employees and customers quickly become familiar with the virtual 3D view of machines and processes without any interruption in ongoing production. Dynamic perspectives which are often not possible in the real world, enable efficient instruction.

Your Benefits:

+ Individual supervision and support by one of our VR experts
+ Extensive and up-to-date know-how
+ The latest equipment
+ Software and hardware maintained at regular intervals

Make use of the infrastructure and expertise at your disposal through VR experts for developments and presentations.

At a Glance – to the Point:


Rent Your Future by the Day.

Included on-site service:
You will get individual instruction and support by a specialised VR expert.

Service on demand:
At your request, the engineering company itek GmbH will tailor your raw CAD data for the purposes of virtual presentations.

The Range of Applications:

Design Reviews
User Training
Construction and Assembly Planning
Training and Workshops
Presentations and Video Conferences
3D-Cinema Presentations

We are happy to give you detailed information about all possibilities in the VR Center.

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Capacity for up to 50 persons with full seating
Capacity for up to 30 persons for a Virtual Reality Presentation with 3D glasses
Capacity for up to 30 persons with tables and chairs
Bistro tables


Integrated coffee-making facilities
Catering (optional booking)
Lunch in the in-house cafeteria

Technical Equipment

Powerwall with speakers and cameras

At 4m wide x 2.5 m high, the Powerwall enables life size presentations and virtual applications. Moreover, you can use the Powerwall for video conferences and 3D cinema shows.


The mobile whiteboard is equipped with a 65’’ screen and can be operated by four users at the same time. The integrated software provides additional possibilities such as recording or transfer of processed data.

Projector screen

For workshops and training programs there is a digital projector screen. Presentations and data can be displayed parallel on all three screen media (projector, whiteboard and Powerwall).

Tracking glasses

The tracking glasses are fitted with so-called “tracking balls”. With the aid of the tracking balls the cameras attached to the Powerwall transfer movements to the virtual 3D-environment.

3D glasses

30 pairs of 3D glasses are available with which your visitors take part in the virtual presentation.


The flystick is fitted with tracking balls which enable the user free movement in the virtual environment. With the flystick you can navigate, control and select menu functions.


Two Wii-Controllers serve as hands in the virtual view and enable navigation, control and interventions.

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