The Silicon Valley
of the packaging industry

The region then and now

About landscapes and people

Before industrialisation, the southern German region between Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Stuttgart was characterised by agriculture. A machine industry developed along the rivers Kocher, Jagst, Rems and Murr from the middle of the 19th century onwards, which gradually picked up speed due to the expansion of the infrastructure in Württemberg. Pietism determined the values and actions of the inhabitants and brought forth a hard-working, thrifty and conscientious type of people. The mix of solid craftsmanship, progressive ideas and reliable business practices has proven itself over centuries: To this day, trust and reliability are valuable assets of the manufacturers of packaging machines and other companies in Packaging Valley. Responding to customer needs and social responsibility towards employees are high on the priority list.

The roots of success

It’s no wonder that the Swabian tinkerer has become a symbol of South German medium-sized businesses and their worldwide success. The early days of the production of packaging machines and the packaging industry can also be traced back to a few founders and inventors: In 1861, master model maker Friedrich Hesser and mechanic Karl Geiger built the first machine for the production of envelopes in Germany. In just a few years, they managed to enter the global stage with their technical developments at the world exhibition in Vienna. Roots such as these are typical of the companies in Packaging Valley. Among the pioneers were also companies such as those of Otto Höfliger and Rudolf Karg, or Ganzhorn & Kling. Over time, more and more mechanical engineering companies settled in the region. Today they produce mainly for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

Opportunities for employees

With its globally operating companies, Packaging Valley offers state-of-the-art jobs in the packaging industry. Young talented people and experienced specialists find positions here with good entry opportunities, challenging activities and prospects for the next career steps.

Opportunities for

Through the Packaging Valley network, manufacturers of packaging machinery and companies in the packaging industry can pool their expertise in the region and strengthen it vis-à-vis the outside world. Smaller medium-sized companies in particular benefit from the high level of trade fair presence and strong marketing.

Innovation and high-tech for customers

As a neutral partner, Packaging Valley brings together small and large companies that complement each other and can therefore enhance their innovative strength in the field of packaging machinery. Customers not only find a wide range of packaging solutions, they also gain a clear market advantage.

The anniversary book of a successful industry

Inventors. Doers. World Market Leaders

For more than century and a half, an industry has been growing in Württemberg whose products are ultimately unavoidable in this age of consumption: the packaging machine industry. Now, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the industry’s first company, a 300-page book has been produced tracing the history of this field’s success and profiling more than 80 companies.

In the regions around Schwäbisch Hall and Crailsheim, as well as in Waiblingen and in the Rems-Murr district, this dynamic branch of industry has spawned special mechanical engineering and supplier companies at an industrial density that is unique in the world. Many of them are now world market leaders, including Bosch Packaging Technology, the OPTIMA GROUP and the Hansen Group.

With portraits of outstanding industry pioneers and vivid descriptions of historic developments in 15 chapters, authors Peter Tognotti and Rudolf Büchner paint a clear picture of this industry, whose main players have mostly remained in the background until now. Among other things, they describe the influence of packaging on the birth of modern consumer realities – from the former mom-and-pop shops to the discount retail chains of today.

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